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The Kubernetes Operating System

k3OS is purpose-built to simplify Kubernetes operations in low-resource computing environments. Installs fast. Boots faster. Managed through Kubernetes.

What Is k3OS?

k3OS is an operating system completely managed by Kubernetes. It launches in seconds and runs almost anywhere.

As a combined Linux and Kubernetes distribution it has the smallest attack surface and simplest upgrade process of any Kubernetes installation.

It's lightweight, agile, and includes k3s.

Why Should You Use k3OS?



You get ALL the benefits of using k3s, the optimized, simplified, and streamlined Kubernetes distribution.


Fast Installation

You can boot up with k3s available in under 10 seconds, with fast cluster scaling.


Easy Configuration Via Cloud-Init

You can turn a standard k3OS image into a configured system during boot time.


Manage The OS From Within Kubernetes

You don’t need to log into remote nodes. k3OS simplifies installation and upgrading.

And Even More Benefits!

We built k3s and k3OS to make deploying Kubernetes as fast, easy, and simple as possible. With that in mind…

k3OS supports multiple architectures

k3OS runs on x86 and ARM processors to give you maximum flexibility.

k3OS runs only the minimum required services

Fewer services means a tiny attack surface, for greater security.

k3OS doesn’t require a package manager

The required services are built into the distribution image.

k3OS models infrastructure as code

This makes sure there are no surprises, and that systems come up the same way every time. You can manage system configuration with version control systems, and carry out reliable, repeatable cluster deployments.

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